Your Time Is Now

Our bodies already have the ability to experience love and generate health, well-being, and pleasure

What’s Inside


We will use meditation as a path of unity to reveal the holiness of who you really are. To help you understand yourself in ways you have always wished you could but you weren’t sure how.

Somatic Therapy

The influence of somatic therapy can activate stored trauma or past baggage that you need to release. It takes you on a journey by using flow, creativity, and grounding into activating all the qualities required to embody your fullest potential. 

Sexual Healing

The training focuses on clearing the physical and emotional body of shame, guilt and fear related to sexuality and authenticity. The deeper transformation comes from reconnecting to your personal power. In exploring sexuality, we create a fast path to encountering the challenges and gifts of fully owning our own power.

Herbal Remedies

Used to support our genetic pathways towards healing. You will learn the benefits of specific herbal medicines and how you can use them in your practice.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way that is unique to your DNA makeup.

Meet Your Teacher Brontë

I’m a genetics coach, embodiment and somatics teacher, and a teacher of the feminine tantric arts.  Over the last ten years, my passion with learning different healing modalities took me all over the world where I received several tools in cutting-edge therapies. These tools helped me unlock my true potential where I have since felt supported to feel my feelings that brought me more connection rather than hurt and pain.

Before I took action on my health I lived in a state of fear & loneliness. I struggled with anxiety, chronic inflammation, severe financial stress… just to name a few.

Getting outside of my mind was a difficult task. I was so wrapped up in the fear patterns, conditions, or the results from my mental choices.

This fear had been lurking in my shadows. During young adulthood, I had disassociated myself from my feelings. It had impacted how I related to others and the way I would find love. I had been so disconnected from my body and would search for that love outside of myself. 

Once I allowed my body to step into a cellular knowing of the truth of love I knew what felt good. My body wasn’t interested in the fear patterns, conditioning, or the results from my mental choices that prevented me from stepping fully into my power.

And so I’ve dedicated my life to this work to help other women to connect with their bodies so that they too can achieve emotional intelligence to be in an aligned healthy state.


Bronte incorporates a holistic approach to nutrition and harnesses this inspiration within our own bodies. And her passion for sharing her wisdom with others really helped me and inspired me along this journey of living the life that I want to live. I’m so grateful and I cannot recommend her enough!”

Shannon Hurley

For Your Health

There’s a deeper layer of TRANSFORMATION that takes place on the other side of HEALING. And getting your results to happen even faster when you know the steps. YOUR TIME IS NOW to make a difference.

How It Works


Course study

You’ll begin the process by integrating studies and training at your own pace.


Bi-weekly group coaching calls

We dive deep with self initiations that say goodbye to old patterns of relating.


Check-in calls

We will continue with check-in calls once the course is complete. This is to assist in integrating all you’ve learned.


Life time access

You’ll have access to participate in the program every round just by signing up once!

“It jumped started me to be more aware of my eating patterns and to choose healthy options. I learned a lot of coping methods (my favorite being body movement and sounds), which I did not realize was releasing pent up emotions. Bronte is a wealth of knowledge, and i love the fact that she is also still learning all the time!! She is so patient , and nothing seems to throw her off. I love how she ties in the mind body and soul”

– Heather Neathery

“Brontë brings a sense of security and comfort to the sessions in order to provide a safe space for discussing our strengths and weaknesses when reaching our goals. She helped me gain a sense of empowerment and support in reaching my goals.”

Julia Lobo

“Brontë kept me accountable each week to take the time and be aware of my goals , self, and what I need to do to get there. Also she helped me take each day at a time and live in the moment instead of living in the future.”

Leeann Crumley

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Is It Your Time?

Release the stories that have been holding you back. Now is your time to transform your health and healing journey.