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Starts May 6th @ 5 pm PDT

Learn the most powerful tools for anyone who wants to find joy in living within a stressful life. You’ll find how to deeply embody your greatest gifts.








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1-hour webinar to overcome your subconscious blocks and get out of your own way.

About Return To Health Webinar

This webinar is a FREE 1-hour experience for any woman who wants to embrace their true essence. Whether you want to heal your relationship with money, your body, your partnership, or just your relationship with yourself, this free webinar will simplify your sacred healing process and allow you to finally unblock old patterns of resistance that you’ve been carrying.

For ONE hour LIVE, we will work together demolishing the MOST COMMON blocks to achieving our dreams so we can finally HEAL, together. We will start off with a discussion and end with some movement.

About Bronte

I’m a genetics coach, embodiment and somatics teacher, and a teacher of the feminine tantric arts.  Over the last ten years, my passion with learning different healing modalities took me all over the world where I received several tools in cutting-edge therapies. These tools helped me unlock my true potential where I have since felt supported to feel my feelings that brought me more connection rather than hurt and pain.

Before I took action on my health I lived in a state of fear & loneliness. I struggled with anxiety, chronic inflammation, severe financial stress… just to name a few.

Getting outside of my mind was a difficult task. I was so wrapped up in the fear patterns, conditions, or the results from my mental choices.

This fear had been lurking in my shadows. During young adulthood, I had disassociated myself from my feelings. It had impacted how I related to others and the way I would find love. I had been so disconnected from my body and would search for that love outside of myself. 

Once I allowed my body to step into a cellular knowing of the truth of love I knew what felt good. My body wasn’t interested in the fear patterns, conditioning, or the results from my mental choices that prevented me from stepping fully into my power.

And so I’ve dedicated my life to this work to help other women to connect with their bodies so that they too can achieve emotional intelligence to be in an aligned healthy state.

Return To Health Webinar

Learn how to become a magnet for the life of your dreams! We begin May 6th, 5 pm PDT