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Unleash Your Peak Potential with gene Hacker: New approach to boundless energy

Frustrated with being on the brink of burnout?

Are your goals weighing you down instead of propelling you forward?

Drained from juggling the demands of high achiever’s lifestyle?

Achieving greatness is no small feat, and the burnout can make it feel impossible.

We believe your ambition should fuel you, not drain you. And we’re here to make that belief a reality.

Brontë Grooms, the creator behind The Gene Hacker, has devised a revolutionary formula to turn the tables on burnout and reclaim the energy you need to crush your goals. As a renowned Functional Dietitian, Brontë’s multi-faceted approach is your golden ticket to invigoration.

We believe your ambition should fuel you, not drain you. And we’re here to make that belief a reality.

Brontë Grooms, the creator behind The Gene Hacker, has devised a revolutionary formula to turn the tables on burnout and reclaim the energy you need to crush your goals. As a renowned Functional Dietitian, Brontë’s multi-faceted approach is your golden ticket to invigoration.

The GH coaching program is right for you if:

  • You’re driven to become a leading expert in your field.
  • You’re a high achiever or professional who wants to add an additional stream of vitality and efficiency to your lifestyle.
  • You’re a visionary entrepreneur who desires peak mental and physical performance to match your business aspirations.
  • You’re someone who seeks a scientific, personalized approach to unlocking the full potential of your DNA.

By the end, you’ll:

Understand Your Genetic Blueprint:

Gain deep insights into your unique DNA and learn how to use this knowledge for enhanced performance and well-being.

Master Tailored Energy Strategies:

Learn how to apply your genetic information to boost your daily energy and focus.

Reduce Stress and Overwhelm:

Uncover strategies to manage stress effectively, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life both personally and professionally.

Achievement;New Beginning

About The Coaching Program

Our 7-week program is designed exclusively for relentless achievers like you. It’s tailored to supercharge your energy levels and hone your efficiency. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all model; our program is calibrated to your unique challenges and aspirations.

Week 1: Epigenetics

As a high-achiever, your unique genetic composition is the foundation of your energy reservoir. You’ll gain an understanding of the fundamentals of epigenetics and nutrigenomics that impact energy, mood, and behavior.

Week 2: Neurochemistry of high achievement

This week, we explore key neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, GABA, norepinephine, and epinephrine) and their roles in motivation, focus, and mood regulation.

Week 3: Crafting Your Neuro-Fuel

We focus on creating a neuro-fuel by optimizing neurotransmitters through a combination of tailored nutrition and supplements. This is like tuning your brain to that perfect frequency where productivity and creativity thrive.

Week 4: Physiology of Peak Performance

Now that your brain is fired up, let’s get your body in sync. We integrate targeted physical exercises, which not only boost your energy but also create a positive feedback loop with your brain. It’s a rhythmic dance of mind and body, orchestrated for peak performance.

Week 5: Advanced Recovery

We’ll teach you advanced sleep and recovery techniques that are pivotal in regulating genetic expression and supporting optimal health. By mastering these techniques, you’ll be able to support your body’s natural healing and rejuvenation processes, essential for sustained high performance and resilience.

Week 6: Stress Resilience

This week, you’ll learn a hidden source of stress that could age you and destroy your happiness. We will dive into techniques for building resilience to stress and optimizing emotional responses.

Week 7: Integrating

Now the fun part! Bringing together all that we learned and create a comprehensive, actionable plan for sustained peak performance.

Are you ready?

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  • 7 Intensive Weekly Coaching Calls:
    Immerse yourself in our transformative weekly coaching sessions, where you’ll receive personalized guidance and actionable strategies. These sessions, led by expert coaches, are designed to elevate your energy, creativity, and motivation to new heights. You’ll be part of dynamic discussions, gain unique insights, and learn how to apply the principles of epigenetics to your daily life for peak performance.
  • Comprehensive Workbook:
    Each participant receives a meticulously crafted workbook, perfect for tracking your progress throughout the program. This valuable resource allows you to jot down key takeaways, reflect on your learning, and plan your action steps effectively.
  • Accountability Pods and Weekly Checklists:
    Stay on track and maintain momentum with our structured accountability pods. Engage with like-minded peers and benefit from mutual support and motivation. Weekly checklists ensure you’re consistently advancing towards your goals.
  • Exclusive Resource List:
    Gain access to a curated list of resources, including tools for accountability, discount codes, and accelerators to fast-track your success. These resources are handpicked to complement each week’s content and enhance your learning experience.
  • Master Sheets with Case Studies:
    Receive comprehensive master sheets summarizing the main points of each session, complete with actionable deliverables and insightful case studies. These sheets serve as a valuable reference to reinforce your understanding and application of the material.
  • Extensive Resource Library:
    Unlock a wealth of knowledge with our extensive resource library, featuring videos, nutrition roadmaps, and recipes aligned with each week’s content. This library is an ever-evolving collection of valuable materials at your fingertips.
  • Collaborative Communication Platform:
    Join our dedicated communication platform on Practice Better, where you can connect with coaches and fellow participants. This platform fosters a community of continuous learning and support, vital for your journey towards peak performance.
  • Additional High Achiever Tools:
    To further support your journey, we provide tools specifically designed for high achievers. These include advanced techniques for improving energy levels, sparking creativity, and sustaining motivation. You’ll discover innovative ways to harness your genetic potential and achieve your highest aspirations.


$6,000 value!


Bonus 1

Meal Planning & Recipes

$297 Value

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if your daily nutrition directly fueled your high-achieving lifestyle? Our custom meal plans are crafted to do just that. They are your key to enhancing energy in a sustainable way, enjoying wholesome and delicious meals that delight both you and your family, and improve your mood and cognition. 

Bonus 2

Supplement Guide

$49 Value

Imagine how much simpler it would be to enhance your energy, focus, and motivation if you had a cheat sheet for the best nootropics to suit your needs. Well, you’re in luck! Our comprehensive nootropic guide provides key information you need, saving you hours of research and trial. 

Bonus 3

Webinar Series

$1000 Value

How about unlocking the secrets to peak performance with just a few clicks? The webinars delve into crucial topics like optimizing health, navigating dietary complexities, and elevating professional efficiency. This series is more than just a learning experience; it’s a transformational journey, equipping you with actionable tools and knowledge to excel in every aspect of your high-powered life.

WHEN YOU ADD THAT ALL UP, THAT’s $7346 worth of value!

Because we’re SO excited to work with you, we’re giving you the opportunity to enroll in the GH Coaching Program TODAY for…








Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Who is the gene hacker for and will it work for me?

The Gene Hacker is created for anyone who wants their brain to be at its peak. That’s the highly driven entrepreneur, high performer, business executive, and the creative. 

if i'm not a high achiever, will this program work for me?

Yes, it even helps people who want a spark of motivation and creativity to get out of their funk. We’d love to work with you, high achiever or not!

When does the program start?

Enroll in the program, and you get immediate access.

However, live coaching calls start February 17th.

Do I get live calls with this program?

Yes. You get weekly calls. They are recorded and you have a chance to ask questions ahead of time.

How Often and When are the calls?

The live group coaching video calls take place once a week: on Saturday 12 PM EST.

In between coaching sessions, you’ll have access to an EXCLUSIVE Practice Better group in which Bronte will be available to answer your questions and provide additional guidance. 

Note: Although we work hard to maintain this schedule, on rare occasions, we may need to move the time of a specific call. If this happens, you’ll be notified of that week’s updated date and time.

What if i don't have the funds for the program right now?

We offer multiple options to make payments easier.

Additionally, past students have used the following methods to pay for enrollment: business credit cards, business loans, workplace reimbursement for continuing education, and family support.

Have any other questions?

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