How to achieve peak performance by optimizing your gene expression that leaves you feeling confident, energized and motivated in the process. The Gene Hacking Way.

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Testimonial Estelle

“Working with Bronte has been an amazing experience. She has a deep commitment to share her message and the medicine she brings. She does this with so much commitment, impeccability, and presence, which inspires a lof of trust in the person that works with her.”

Layla El Khadri

Feminine Leadership Mentor


Scientific techniques that inform our body and DNA how to overcome stress and fatigue to achieve their best work to perform better in business.

How to switch on biochemical pathways to achieve health goals and increase productivity for a successful business.

What nutrient components and supplements influence gene expressions and how they impact performance.

This essential guide will prepare any high performer and entrepreneur with the right nutrient information to show up as a genius in their field. The motivation, drive, and creativity it takes to get ahead depend on our health. This knowledge unlocks the potential of the human body to experience true radiant health.

Become part of the scientific revolution currently taking place in the world of high-performance health and dramatically improve your performance to the level of elite athletes, business people, and entrepreneurs.


Functional Genomics Expert and Registered Dietitian, and I help entrepreneurs realize their peak performance by using the power of their DNA that will accelerate their results and feel their best while doing it.

The end result is the creation of a thriving, successful, and profitable business.

What Others Have To Say…

Shannon Hurley Testimonial

Zohe Ruiz Portillo

International School Science Teacher

Bronte’s program helped me navigate how to optimally perform for my demanding job as a science teacher. I gained the tools that improved my energy levels, overall sleep, and focus.

Throughout, I felt solid support for the complexity of my situation and was inspired to make great strides in my career. I can now continuously meet my job’s high expectations and long hours as a 40-year-old with an autoimmune disease.

Bronte is a caring, passionate, and creative leader that has allowed me to regain control of my body and life with clear guidance. I feel honored to be guided by her.”

Shauna Grant Testimonial

Sky H.


Working with Bronte has been a joy. While it is extremely difficult to make these fundamental changes in my diet and behavior, the results are profound.

I had known of digestive issues for most of my life but was unsure what I could do about it. By testing and targeting my specific case Bronte was able to bring my body back into a state of health and put me on the path to longevity.

The knowledge she’s given me and the individual tests I’ve taken have given me a new perspective on optimizing my routines and diet. I’m finally starting to feel like my body and I are on the same page working together instead of fighting. Thanks Bronte!”


Now you can streamline your efforts to achieve

peak performance in a smarter and more efficient way.

Privacy Policy: Your Information is 100% Secure


Now you can streamline your efforts to achieve

peak performance in a smarter and more efficient way.

Privacy Policy: Your Information is 100% Secure

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