About Brontë

I’m a mover and a shaker when it comes to awakening consciousness towards our highest potential. I’m here to help women optimize their health to live a long and fulfilling life.

I am a teacher of the Feminine Tantric Arts; Feminine Embodiment Coach & Registered Dietitian. At the core of my work, I am here to expand your mind body & soul. I help you break down conditionings & stories that bind you & hold you back from living your truest potential. My mission to empower women back to self love and achieve states of wholeness, vibrancy, abundance, and vitality.


Nutrition Coaching

This approach teaches you the framework of how to cook and eat for your genes which improves your health but also makes eating healthy easy.



This approach shines light on how our thoughts (i.e. I’m not good enough) can cause an emotional response (i.e. sadness) can result in a behavior (going on another diet).



This approach teaches you how to be more embodied by understanding the needs of your body and how to release stored emotional triggers that are impacting your overall health.

My Journey

Meet Brontë, Embodiment & Genetics Coach

I suffered with a rollercoaster journey of body shame and disordered eating on different planes of mental health. I felt like a stranger within my own skin. Heavy with the aching emptiness of self neglect, using food to numb emotions I was too scared to feel. Binging until the point where I could hardly breathe, spiraling into seemingly endless cycles of shame, guilt, and self abandonment. My fixation was simply a byproduct of how I felt inside – unlovable, unworthy, unattractive, and not enough. I was seeking outside of myself for happiness.

My struggles with diet, body weight, body image, and anxiety made me hit the brakes hard on life and take a good look at how I was choosing to live it. I was done with keeping myself small. Don with betraying my divine nature.

In early 2015, things shifted. I had met a man who helped me step out of my comfort zone. He introduced me to tantra, sacred sexuality, and ancient healing arts. From these profound experiences huge shifts occurred within me and gave me a glimpse back into connecting a force beyond me. Since deepening into the tantric path since, I realized that the nurturing I was chasing couldn’t be found in the perfect diet or the perfect weight, it was going to be found within me.

Sacred sexuality allowed me to heal my debilitating, traumatic driven beliefs of self punishment, feelings of not being enough, and the fears of rejection and underachievement. This was the missing link that many health professionals failed to work with when it came to body issues and reclaiming feminine power. Shortly after, I dived into the cutting edge science of nutritional genomics and other tools of realizing the human potential.

On my journey, I explored tantra, somatic dance, meditation, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and so much more that connected my body, my sexuality, my mindset to be our best superhuman. I went on expanding my research into the science of the gut-brain axis allowing me to understand the impact our thoughts and nutritional manipulation have on the gut microbiome which is a determining factor of brain function and health.

Today, I continue to explore modalities that hack our genes towards a higher consciousness to live a life that is worth living. And now everything I have learned and explored is reflected in my work to create a new paradigm in collective consciousness. 


My Approach

I take women on a journey that gets them out of their minds and into their bodies so that they can connect with their highest source of consciousness. My approach focuses on 3 main pillars: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Unique Framework

The Gene Hacker system guides the client through a series of self-initiations that say goodbye to old behavioral patterns and anchor into the identity of a deep self that is free, inherently loving, and dynamically creative. 

I offer my gifts as a revolutionary transformation guide, through Online Courses, 1:1 Mentoring, Products & Trainings. These unique opportunities, allow a space for you to connect within; so you can connect deeply to what is real within first & from this space begin living your most delicious life.

“I was struggling with managing the emotions that came up during the deep process we were doing together. As well as not being able to see myself and my journey from different perspectives. Bronte shined light on what I was going through and guided me to release those emotions by using shamanic breathing, embodiment techniques to dancing.”


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